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Literal Bible – Psalms Pg. 42

72:5 They fear Thee with the sun, and before the moon, Generation — generations.

72:6 He cometh down as rain on mown grass, As showers — sprinkling the earth.

72:7 Flourish in his days doth the righteous, And abundance of peace till the moon is not.

72:8 And he ruleth from sea unto sea, And from the river unto the ends of earth.

72:9 Before him bow do the inhabitants of the dry places, And his enemies lick the dust.

72:10 Kings of Tarshish and of the isles send back a present. Kings of Sheba and Seba a reward bring near.

72:11 And all kings do bow themselves to him, All nations do serve him,

72:12 For he delivereth the needy who crieth, And the poor when he hath no helper,

72:13 He hath pity on the poor and needy, And the souls of the needy he saveth,

72:14 From fraud and from violence he redeemeth their soul, And precious is their blood in his eyes.

72:15 And he liveth, and giveth to him of the gold of Sheba, And prayeth for him continually, All the day he doth bless him.

72:16 There is a handful of corn in the earth, On the top of mountains, Shake like Lebanon doth its fruit, And they flourish out of the city as the herb of the earth.

72:17 His name is to the age, Before the sun is his name continued, And they bless themselves in him, All nations do pronounce him happy.

72:18 Blessed is Jehovah God, God of Israel, He alone is doing wonders,

72:19 And blessed [is] the Name of His honour to the age, And the whole earth is filled [with] His honour. Amen, and amen!

72:20 The prayers of David son of Jesse have been ended.

73:1 A Psalm of Asaph. Only — good to Israel [is] God, to the clean of heart. And I — as a little thing, My feet have been turned aside,

73:2 As nothing, have my steps slipped, For I have been envious of the boastful,

73:3 The peace of the wicked I see, That there are no bands at their death,

73:4 And their might [is] firm.

73:5 In the misery of mortals they are not, And with common men they are not plagued.

73:6 Therefore hath pride encircled them, Violence covereth them as a dress.

73:7 Their eye hath come out from fat. The imaginations of the heart transgressed;

73:8 They do corruptly, And they speak in the wickedness of oppression, From on high they speak.

73:9 They have set in the heavens their mouth, And their tongue walketh in the earth.

73:10 Therefore do His people return hither, And waters of fulness are wrung out to them.

73:11 And they have said, `How hath God known? And is there knowledge in the Most High?’

73:12 Lo, these [are] the wicked and easy ones of the age, They have increased strength.


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