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Literal Bible – Psalms Pg. 41

71:4 O my God, cause me to escape From the hand of the wicked, From the hand of the perverse and violent.

71:5 For Thou [art] my hope, O Lord Jehovah, My trust from my youth.

71:6 By Thee I have been supported from the womb, From my mother’s bowels Thou dost cut me out, In Thee [is] my praise continually.

71:7 As a wonder I have been to many, And Thou [art] my strong refuge.

71:8 Filled is my mouth [with] Thy praise, All the day [with] Thy beauty.

71:9 Cast me not off at the time of old age, According to the consumption of my power forsake me not.

71:10 For mine enemies have spoken against me, And those watching my soul have taken counsel together,

71:11 Saying, `God hath forsaken him, Pursue and catch him, for there is no deliverer.’

71:12 O God, be not far from me, O my God, for my help make haste.

71:13 They are ashamed, they are consumed, Who are opposing my soul, They are covered [with] reproach and blushing, Who are seeking my evil,

71:14 And I continually do wait with hope, And have added unto all Thy praise.

71:15 My mouth recounteth Thy righteousness, All the day Thy salvation, For I have not known the numbers.

71:16 I come in the might of the Lord Jehovah, I mention Thy righteousness — Thine only.

71:17 God, Thou hast taught me from my youth, And hitherto I declare Thy wonders.

71:18 And also unto old age and grey hairs, O God, forsake me not, Till I declare Thy strength to a generation, To every one that cometh Thy might.

71:19 And Thy righteousness, O God, [is] unto the heights, Because Thou hast done great things, O God, who [is] like Thee?

71:20 Because Thou hast showed me many and sad distresses, Thou turnest back — Thou revivest me, And from the depths of the earth, Thou turnest back — Thou bringest me up.

71:21 Thou dost increase my greatness, And Thou surroundest — Thou comfortest me,

71:22 I also thank Thee with a vessel of psaltery, Thy truth, O my God, I sing to Thee with a harp, O Holy One of Israel,

71:23 My lips cry aloud when I sing praise to Thee, And my soul that Thou hast redeemed,

71:24 My tongue also all the day uttereth Thy righteousness, Because ashamed — because confounded, Have been those seeking my evil!

72:1 By Solomon. O God, Thy judgments to the king give, And Thy righteousness to the king’s son.

72:2 He judgeth Thy people with righteousness, And Thy poor with judgment.

72:3 The mountains bear peace to the people, And the heights by righteousness.

72:4 He judgeth the poor of the people, Giveth deliverance to the sons of the needy, And bruiseth the oppressor.


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