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Literal Bible – Psalms Pg. 28

48:10 As [is] Thy name, O God, so [is] Thy praise, Over the ends of the earth, Righteousness hath filled Thy right hand.

48:11 Rejoice doth Mount Zion, The daughters of Judah are joyful, For the sake of Thy judgments.

48:12 Compass Zion, and go round her, count her towers,

48:13 Set your heart to her bulwark, Consider her high places, So that ye recount to a later generation,

48:14 That this God [is] our God — To the age and for ever, He — he doth lead us over death!

49:1 To the Overseer. — By sons of Korah. A Psalm. Hear this, all ye peoples, Give ear, all ye inhabitants of the world.

49:2 Both low and high, together rich and needy.

49:3 My mouth speaketh wise things, And the meditations of my heart [are] things of understanding.

49:4 I incline to a simile mine ear, I open with a harp my riddle:

49:5 Why do I fear in days of evil? The iniquity of my supplanters doth compass me.

49:6 Those trusting on their wealth, And in the multitude of their riches, Do shew themselves foolish.

49:7 A brother doth no one at all ransom, He doth not give to God his atonement.

49:8 And precious [is] the redemption of their soul, And it hath ceased — to the age.

49:9 And still he liveth for ever, He seeth not the pit.

49:10 For he seeth wise men die, Together the foolish and brutish perish, And have left to others their wealth.

49:11 Their heart [is]: Their houses [are] to the age, Their tabernacles to all generations. They proclaimed their names over the lands.

49:12 And man in honour doth not remain, He hath been like the beasts, they have been cut off.

49:13 This their way [is] folly for them, And their posterity with their sayings are pleased. Selah.

49:14 As sheep for Sheol they have set themselves, Death doth afflict them, And the upright rule over them in the morning, And their form [is] for consumption. Sheol [is] a dwelling for him.

49:15 Only, God doth ransom my soul from the hand of Sheol, For He doth receive me. Selah.

49:16 Fear not, when one maketh wealth, When the honour of his house is abundant,

49:17 For at his death he receiveth nothing, His honour goeth not down after him.

49:18 For his soul in his life he blesseth, (And they praise thee when thou dost well for thyself.)

49:19 It cometh to the generation of his fathers, For ever they see not the light.

49:20 Man in honour, who understandest not, Hath been like the beasts, they have been cut off!

50:1 A Psalm of Asaph. The God of gods — Jehovah — hath spoken, And He calleth to the earth From the rising of the sun unto its going in.

50:2 From Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shone.

50:3 Our God cometh, and is not silent, Fire before Him doth devour, And round about him it hath been very tempestuous.

50:4 He doth call unto the heavens from above, And unto the earth, to judge His people.


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