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Literal Bible – Psalms Pg. 26

44:20 If we have forgotten the name of our God, And spread our hands to a strange God,

44:21 Doth not God search out this? For He knoweth the secrets of the heart.

44:22 Surely, for Thy sake we have been slain all the day, Reckoned as sheep of the slaughter.

44:23 Stir up — why dost Thou sleep, O Lord? Awake, cast us not off for ever.

44:24 Why Thy face hidest Thou? Thou forgettest our afflictions and our oppression,

44:25 For bowed to the dust hath our soul, Cleaved to the earth hath our belly.

44:26 Arise, a help to us, And ransom us for thy kindness’ sake.

45:1 To the Overseer. — `On the Lilies.’ — By sons of Korah. — An Instruction. — A song of loves. My heart hath indited a good thing, I am telling my works to a king, My tongue [is] the pen of a speedy writer.

45:2 Thou hast been beautified above the sons of men, Grace hath been poured into thy lips, Therefore hath God blessed thee to the age.

45:3 Gird Thy sword upon the thigh, O mighty, Thy glory and Thy majesty!

45:4 As to Thy majesty — prosper! — ride! Because of truth, and meekness — righteousness, And Thy right hand showeth Thee fearful things.

45:5 Thine arrows [are] sharp, — Peoples fall under Thee — In the heart of the enemies of the king.

45:6 Thy throne, O God, [is] age-during, and for ever, A sceptre of uprightness [Is] the sceptre of Thy kingdom.

45:7 Thou hast loved righteousness and hatest wickedness, Therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee, Oil of joy above thy companions.

45:8 Myrrh and aloes, cassia! all thy garments, Out of palaces of ivory Stringed instruments have made thee glad.

45:9 Daughters of kings [are] among thy precious ones, A queen hath stood at thy right hand, In pure gold of Ophir.

45:10 Hearken, O daughter, and see, incline thine ear, And forget thy people, and thy father’s house,

45:11 And the king doth desire thy beauty, Because he [is] thy lord — bow thyself to him,

45:12 And the daughter of Tyre with a present, The rich of the people do appease thy face.

45:13 All glory [is] the daughter of the king within, Of gold-embroidered work [is] her clothing.

45:14 In divers colours she is brought to the king, Virgins — after her — her companions, Are brought to thee.

45:15 They are brought with joy and gladness, They come into the palace of the king.

45:16 Instead of thy fathers are thy sons, Thou dost appoint them for princes in all the earth.

45:17 I make mention of Thy name in all generations, Therefore do peoples praise Thee, To the age, and for ever!


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